Origami Butterfly illustration

The thing I love about art is that a simple mark on a piece of paper has the ability to come to life. Origami seems more like a magic trick to me. A gentle fold of a single piece of paper over and over again and eventually out flaps a bird or out hops a frog. It is one thing making a mark on a piece of paper come to life but it is amazing when you can get the whole piece of paper to come to life too.

Check out my time-lapse video HERE



Learn to fly

I went skydiving with my cousin for her 16th birthday and it was the most amazing feeling in the world. I wasn’t just falling, I was flying. While sitting in the plane for 15 minutes going up 10 000 feet I felt anxious but calm at the same time. My cousin jumped first, one minute she was hanging out the plane and the next I saw her fall (really fast I might add) and that was the first time it actually hit me that I was doing something crazy and insane.

The next 40 seconds was a combination of sheer excitement and amazement as I was doing somersaults in the air. All I saw was blue, green, blue, green as I spun around. Once I stabilised with my arms open I felt like I was really flying, it was pure magic. I love my expression on my face in the video. Wide eyed, opened jawed as the wind hit me. I remember I couldn’t stop smiling but every time I opened my mouth I got a mouth full of air. It really didn’t feel like I was falling, so high up there is no feeling of speed, it just felt like I was floating on a very windy day. I had no sense of time; I could have stayed like that forever. I had no idea that I had just fallen 4000 feet in 40 seconds. I completely forgot that I needed to open a parachute, but thank goodness I didn’t have to do any of that. I actually got a little bit of a fright as I felt the jerk from the parachute opening. And suddenly things slowed down. The rush was over and it was just time to relax and enjoy the view as we slowly glided back to earth. The instructor gave me the controls and I steered in the direction of the little building back on earth. I really didn’t realise how fast I was going until I was getting ready to land and the trees just came up very fast (I think I closed my eyes for that part) and the next minute I was sitting on the ground. A little bit disappointed that it was over so fast but it just felt so amazing. I think the adrenalin was still pumping through my veins because I was just jumping up and down with a giant smile on my face. It was the most amazing experience and I recommend that everyone must ‘learn to fly’.