Traffic Illustration

I’ve always loved long exposure shots, it captures movement in a still image and I love all the fascinating colours and shapes that are revealed under the limited light from the dark night sky, it is really a surreal experience.

I had so much fun creating this artwork with my three magic tools; a charcoal pencil, charcoal stick and my finger. I got involved in the movement I was trying to create by using my finger to smudge and blend in the dark shades. I really like that the red tail lights from the cars that painted the black highway with long red stripes was the only colour used.

Check out my time-lapse of the drawing HERE

Rewind your life 30 Day Challenge

“I found things in the woods that I didn’t know I was looking for… and now I’ll never be the same.” Jennifer Pharr Davis.
I just took part in the rewild your life 30 day challenge, where I spent 30 minutes outside a day for 30 days. I went outside, I was wild and I felt better. I have always loved spending time outside, anyone that knows me knows that I will run around with bare feet and just stand outside and absorb the sunlight, feel the raindrops on my head and my hair blow in the wind. I think I have always spend about 30 minutes outside a day (I do not believe in going to the gym; the street, the mountain, the park and the dam is my gym) but when I heard of this challenge I though it would be fun to document my experiences while I was outside and really take in what nature offers me. I try spend allot of time outside on weekends, if I didn’t come home with dirty feet and bruises on my shins, it probably wasn’t a good weekend. This challenge taught me that I don’t need to go away for the weekend and climb the highest mountain to rejuvenate my soul, peace and tranquility is actually on my doorstep, I just didn’t see it before. The rewild experience taught me to observe nature wherever I am not only when I am 3 hours away from home.
Below is my 30 day challenge for May 2015. I explored the stars on a late night walk, ran with the dogs and I Forgot about my TV and stared at a campfire instead.

The 5 stages of fish

I recently illustrated a book cover for a book called ‘The five stages of fish’ for New Voices Publishers.

In watercolour and fine liner I created these 5 images of the different stages of fish:

1.A fish as drawn from water


2. De-scaling the fish


3. Season the fish with spices & herbs


4. Fish cooking


5. Fish on a plate, ready to be eaten



Origami Butterfly illustration

The thing I love about art is that a simple mark on a piece of paper has the ability to come to life. Origami seems more like a magic trick to me. A gentle fold of a single piece of paper over and over again and eventually out flaps a bird or out hops a frog. It is one thing making a mark on a piece of paper come to life but it is amazing when you can get the whole piece of paper to come to life too.

Check out my time-lapse video HERE


DRAWN to the mountain


“Mountains are magnetic, and we are drawn to them. Maybe it’s because of what they force us to do, or become. We gaze upon them, we exalt them, then we climb them. On their paths we face hardship, but these we welcome because hardship helps us discover things we didn’t know or understand before, about ourselves” – Will Cooper

My work is inspired by time spent hiking, climbing and running in the beautiful mountains of South Africa and beyond. I draw to recreate a place or memory that I love and I tell stories about my adventures through my drawings. I love the beautiful mountain peaks, surrounded by white fluffy clouds, and there is nothing like being in the mountains, in the middle of nowhere, enjoying the peaceful serenity. I love the patterns and colours that nature brings out. It is strange how not everyone sees those beautiful patterns and colours but I have been given the gift of an artist’s eye. It is my job to draw you in and let you relive that experience and maybe give you the opportunity to see what I see.

“No matter what people say; we painters work better in the country, everything there speaks more clearly, everything holds firm, everything explains itself…” Vincent Van Gogh

Yes I do commissions CLICK HERE

Commissions are a great way to get one of my mountain drawings or landscapes based on a place or a memory that you love.