Fart in sleeping bags

Looking at the picture you know exactly what I’m going to be talking about, so it’s a warning. Whether you read it or not, its up to you, but no judging please.

If you have ever been hiking with boys you will realise that they have more wind than the mountain. I spend most of my weekends being the only girl amongst a bunch of boys, so this just doesn’t even shock me anymore. Well… I just get blamed for their ‘Bodily functions’. It all started when I apologised for my boyfriends fart and since then I now have to apologise for everyone’s farts, and if I don’t you just hear all the boys shouting “Gross Diane” all at the same time (I blame them for not having any new friends). This is all great when we are out in the open, but the worse is when I am squashed in between two boys in a 2 man tent. During the night when everything is still and quiet I hear a little beeeeep and a few seconds later there is a sense of panic as the 2 boys next to me quickly unzip the tent and stick their heads out gasping for air, and all I hear are the other boys around me shouting “Gross Diane” followed by laughter. At that time of the night I am not amused and will not take the blame for it. Girls don’t fart and if we do it smells like roses!


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