Climb something with a view

Do you like to climb something just because it is there? I don’t only rock climb so that I can beat guys in arm wrestling, or spend my day staring at people’s bums. I climb because the view is worth the effort. Ever since I was little I’ve always looked for things to climb; trees, rocks, walls, anything. I never really understood why I loved climbing things. I think I was always interested to see if I could do it, how far I could go and how I would get up. It interested me that every route was different, you constantly have to figure out where to put our hands and feet white using muscles you didn’t even know you had. When I was a kid sitting in a tree staring down at my family eating lunch on a picnic blanket, it felt incredibly satisfying about physically making my way to the top and being able to see much further than the person standing on the ground, even from a few meters up in a tree. The feeling of how vast the world is empowered me. It’s only when you are high up looking down at the huge world beneath you that you realize how insignificant you are and in that moment you contemplate the meaning of life, but at the same time you have a feeling of power and freedom and the feeling that you can accomplish anything you set your mind to.


One thought on “Climb something with a view

  1. I am awed by your drawing. Simple yet effective.

    But, I am not a climber. At least, not a climber that seeks the difficult path. I might take a peck at a rock climb. But, I’d rather look around for an easier way up. Only when I am blind with ambition do I fail to find a path other than the hard way. And, sometimes, I can be quite hard-headed about trudging through the difficulty rather than seeking or trying something new.

    I also had a very protective mother who instilled fears in me that haunt me almost daily. And, I’ve had my share of stupid accidents without being very daring. So, it seems only logical that I’d seek an easier route to the top.

    While you might climb the face of the mountain, I’ll be hiking up a trail. Maybe I’ll see you there. [I’ve been near the top of a few volcanoes and seen some craters. I’d like to climb Mt. Fuji one day. But, I don’t need to reach the tops of mountains like Kilimanjaro to know my “significance.”]


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