Bring on the sun

Imagine you are in a beautiful park with green trees standing tall around you and the hot sun beating down on you, you can smell the meat on the braai and the grass tickling your bare feet, and ahhh, I just entered my happy place. Unfortunately Its not always sunshine and butterflies, for 4 months of the year its permanent cold feet and icicles hanging off your nose. Winter! I’m not a fan; its cold and I have to wear shoes. South African winters are very misconceiving, you look out the window and the sun is shining and the trees are waving in a light breeze, well that’s until you step outside and that light breeze is actually a full blown icy wind and the sun is radiating no heat, and you have just been frozen to your doormat.

Let me explain my experience of the cold this winter.

It was a cold day, not cold in the conventional sense mind you, a really cold day. I stepped outside into the chilly air before the sun had risen and felt the cold seep into my body chilling my bones. I exhaled and watched my breath turn the cold morning air white as I packed my bicycle into my car. It was the type of cold that forced me to breath into my hands and jump up and down so that the cold didn’t taken over me. As the sun appeared over the horizon (purely for light and not warmth) we hit the track with our jackets and gloves on and our buffs covering our faces with just our eyes sticking out. We started off slowly because our bones were still frozen together and the cold wind hitting us was just too painful to go any faster. My face was numb, my hands sore and shakes of chills set down my spine as we cycled into the cold sunrise. We cycled through fields of frost and ice sculptures formed from dripping irrigation sprinklers. After making shiver and brrr sounds the whole way, we decided that the next person to complain about the cold buys everyone an egg and bacon roll when we got back, after that there were only little whispers and deep breathing from the cold.

After that experience and my stupidity I think it is time for the sun to come out where waking up early and putting shorts and a t-shirt on isn’t such hard work. I am definitely a summer baby. Winter makes me grumpy and resentful. I love the heat. In fact, the hotter the better. Summer is the best season, when the thermometer hits 25°C, my body goes into happy mode.


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