DRAWN to the mountain


“Mountains are magnetic, and we are drawn to them. Maybe it’s because of what they force us to do, or become. We gaze upon them, we exalt them, then we climb them. On their paths we face hardship, but these we welcome because hardship helps us discover things we didn’t know or understand before, about ourselves” – Will Cooper

My work is inspired by time spent hiking, climbing and running in the beautiful mountains of South Africa and beyond. I draw to recreate a place or memory that I love and I tell stories about my adventures through my drawings. I love the beautiful mountain peaks, surrounded by white fluffy clouds, and there is nothing like being in the mountains, in the middle of nowhere, enjoying the peaceful serenity. I love the patterns and colours that nature brings out. It is strange how not everyone sees those beautiful patterns and colours but I have been given the gift of an artist’s eye. It is my job to draw you in and let you relive that experience and maybe give you the opportunity to see what I see.

“No matter what people say; we painters work better in the country, everything there speaks more clearly, everything holds firm, everything explains itself…” Vincent Van Gogh

Yes I do commissions CLICK HERE

Commissions are a great way to get one of my mountain drawings or landscapes based on a place or a memory that you love.



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